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WoW 10 Years On!
Journey Over.
Its sad to announce that we are closing our doors and what a journey its been.

TyRONíCA and myself BuZZ started out to make a great place to hang out meet friends and have fun globally.

We hit the top of the warez charts with our uploads and shares we uploaded.
Still today you can find our great releases.

Then we moved into graphics making wonderfull Site banners, graphics, forum skins and full websites.

But what we loved most about our great web journey was our great flash arcade with both myself and TyRONíCA making awesome games from hidden objects, match 3 and all sorts of fun picture games for all ages. Of course we cant forget the endless supply or converted games we coded to many downloaders we had over this time.

During this part of our journey we made some amazing friends had some Fantastic hosts, but the best of all our members in our community we made were in my opinion the BEST EVER!

We hope that you continue to enjoy our great releases from the past and hope you all do well in any journey you might be on or about to make!


Good Bye, TyRONíCA & BuZZ
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